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Home Remodeling Tips: Garden Sheds Can Enhance Your Property

Written by Guest Blogger
April 27th, 2014

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Photo Courtesy of Shed King

Many of us in the Dallas area remember the days when a storage or garden shed was most often a metal pre-fab structure that was convenient, but to be honest, not very attractive. Fortunately, today’s potting sheds and outdoor storage buildings reflect the taste and style of the homeowner while also having a practical purpose. If you love to garden or if you have a gardener who comes to take care of your yard, you will need a garden shed to store tools out of sight, as well as having an area specifically designated for the care of your lawn and plants.

When planning a storage or garden shed, homeowners must first decide on the location. Some neighborhoods have zoning restrictions, so consider this in your plans. Some homeowners prefer to have a garden shed next to the house for easy access. These structures are often built so that they blend into the home like a tiny extension added out into the yard. Other homeowners prefer to have the garden shed away from the house, sometimes near the pool area or in the back of the property. Since potting sheds are no longer limited to the old time metal structures, homeowners can be as creative as they want when designing their garden shed, as long is it is within any neighborhood restrictions. Built with natural materials, it can blend into the environment or it can be a dramatic structure that is a statement piece in the yard. Some sheds are whimsical, with a touch of fantasy or are even miniature versions of the home. With glass windows instead of solid walls surrounding the shed, the structure isn’t intrusive, and the addition of windows allow plenty of natural light to flood in. Many homeowners prefer a small structure that is open on one side that has a potting bench in the center, and storage space on both sides of the large workbench. There really is no limit to shed styles.

Plenty of work and storage space is important in the potting shed. You want to keep gardening implements out of sight and still have clear work spaces for repotting plants and starting seedlings. You can also use the shed to store everything you need for pool upkeep.

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