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Outdoor Showers: Tips from a Home Remodeling Expert

Written by Guest Blogger
April 15th, 2014

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In the Dallas area, an outdoor shower not only provides a convenient place to wash off after doing yard work or using the swimming pool, but it can also be an accent piece that is both functional and artistic.

There are two types of outdoor showers – stand-alone and wall mounted. Stand alone outdoor showers are installed away from the house and attach to flexible hosing. A wall mounted outdoor shower is stationary, usually attached to the home or in its own structure, and is attached to an outdoor plumbing supply. Wall mounted outdoor showers are the most popular styles in the Dallas area. An outdoor shower can be designed to blend into the style of the home or it can be a completely different look, making it a statement piece in the back yard. Using natural materials such as stone, bamboo and wood will create a shower that blends nicely into any yard. Shrubbery, flowers and trees can add privacy to showers as well as adding beauty to the yard or pool area.

Showerheads can be hand controlled or foot controlled. A hand controlled shower head is one that you turn on and off at the faucet, just like a normal showerhead in a bathroom. A foot pedal showerhead is one that you can turn on and off hands-free. These allow you to easily turn on the water with the foot pedal, which is particularly handy if you have soil on your hands from working in the yard. Foot pedals also help save water and avoid the transfer of bacteria between your hands and the fixtures. With both types of showerheads, there are numerous options available for water flow such as misting, rain shower, pulsating and massaging.

From simple, basic designs that blend into the existing architecture to elaborate structures that make an artistic statement, outdoor showers have drastically changed over the years. Gone are the rustic structures associated with campgrounds, surrounded by a sheet of plastic or tarps and offering only cold water. Today’s showers are associated with luxury as well as being practical. Textured tiles, stone work and mosaics can help create a luxury outdoor shower in your backyard pool area.

As with any plumbing, take care as freezing weather approaches by winterizing your outdoor shower. Be sure that it is plumbed so that it can be isolated from the plumbing in the house, and drained during periods of freezing temps.

If you would like more information on outdoor showers, or room additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions or interior and exterior updates, visit the von Gillern Construction website today. Award-winning von Gillern Construction has proudly served the Dallas area, including Plano, Frisco, Addison, Park Cities, White Rock Lake, Lakewood and Preston Hollow, for years. We are committed to providing you the very best craftsmanship for your home remodeling, home addition and updates.

Home Remodeling with a Pool House or Pavillion

Written by Guest Blogger
April 7th, 2014

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In Dallas, everyone loves to spend the summer around the backyard pool. Your own pool house or pavilion will not only add value to your property, but will add a touch of elegance to your outdoor living area. A pool house is not only a convenient place for you and your guests to change clothes, have easy access to bathroom facilities and store all your pool equipment and toys, but it also serves as a focal point for your backyard and pool.

Pool House There are endless options for a pool house. They can be simple and clean in design or fancy and whimsical. It all depends on the mood; however keep in mind that in many areas, the pool house must be in keeping with the style of the main house. Many people want a pool house that complements the design of their home, reflecting the owner’s taste architecturally. The layout can be whatever you want – a simple structure to accommodate basic needs or a building that can also serve as a guesthouse with a full private bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Pavilions are open, airier structures that provide protection from the sun as well as being a gathering spot for family and friends. You can choose to have a solid roof over the pavilion, or for better airflow and a more open feeling, you can have a slatted roof covered with sun-blocking material or climbing plants such as ivy or wisteria. Outdoor string lights wrapped around the posts and weaved into the roof give a festive air and provide mood lighting. An outdoor kitchen or grill area, combined with an open dining area makes a pavilion the ideal party space. Add some flowing curtains or moveable sun shades and the area is a perfect refuge from the sun and even those quick summer showers.

If you are thinking about adding a pool house or pavilion to your backyard, contact  von Gillern Construction at 972-818-0411, or visit their website for more information. Award-winning von Gillern Construction has proudly served the Dallas area for many years. We serve the entire Dallas metroplex area, including Plano, Frisco, White Rock, Addison, Park Cities, Lakewood and Preston Hollow. We are committed to providing the best quality materials and craftsmanship for all your room additions, and home remodeling, including kitchen or bathroom remodeling, home addition, and interior and exterior updates. Check out some of our photos on!

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Home Remodeling with an Outdoor Bar

If you want to transform the outdoor living area of your Dallas area home into a welcoming gathering spot, an outdoor bar is the perfect addition. An outdoor bar is the perfect way to create a delightful spot to entertain family and friends. This simple addition to your home will transform your outdoor living space.

Today’s outdoor bars offer you, your family and friends a place to relax, unwind and just lounge on the patio. Imagine coming home and having your own private place to have a drink and relax, surrounded by our own backyard. Stargazing at your own outdoor bar is a wonderful way to end the day. In addition, adding an outdoor bar will help increase the value of your home. Not only will you have an outdoor bar of your own to use whenever you want, you will be adding to the value of your home in the future.

Location is important when planning the addition of your outdoor bar. You want to have it in a convenient place adjacent to an outdoor dining area or where people like to gather on your patio. You will need to decide if you want a wet bar or dry bar. A wet bar will need to have access to water and electricity. A dry bar does not need access to water, but you will want to have storage space for coolers to keep drinks chilled.

The décor of your outdoor bar can be designed around the rest of the outdoor living area or it can be a completely different style. You have endless options when it comes to the décor. You may want a higher bar that can fit tall bar stools, or you may want a lower bar that can blend in with the other furniture on your patio. This is a fun area where you can play around with the decorations.

When you are ready to add an outdoor bar to your outdoor living area, von Gillern Construction is ready to help you design the best bar to match your needs and style. Serving the Dallas metroplex area for many years, award-winning von Gillern Construction is committed to providing the very best quality craftsmanship for your room addition, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home addition or interior or exterior updates. We serve the entire Dallas area – including Plano, Frisco, White Rock Lake, Addison, Park Cities, Lakewood and Preston Hollow. For help planning your home remodeling, room addition, outdoor living area or outdoor bar, visit the von Gillern Construction website or call 972.818.0411 for more information.

Powder Room Ideas from an Award Winning Dallas Home Remodeler

Written by Guest Blogger
February 28th, 2014

home remodeler dallas“Power Rooms Don’t Need to Match the Décor in the Rest of Your Home”, says prominent home remodeler, Jack von Gillern of von Gillern Construction.

When planning for home or bathroom remodeling, it is important to remember your powder room. Your powder room is the one room that almost everyone visiting your home will see, so it is important to make this room inviting, special and filled with lots of extra touches that make it unique.

Powder rooms, or half baths, date back to Victorian and Edwardian times. Located next to the entryway and cloakroom, they were the place where ladies would quickly adjust makeup and use the bathroom discreetly away from the hosts or other guests. Today’s powder rooms are still usually located in the foyer, away from areas where guests congregate, which provides a sense of privacy.

Even though a half bath is a small space, it definitely does not have to be boring and simply functional. This is an area where you can make a dramatic statement and be as creative as you want. You definitely do not need a large room to express your personal style in the half bath. Wall paper, mosaics or even a mural can create a dramatic room. Add a unique sink and some personal touches and you will have a warm, inviting room that is a true expression of you.  A powder room does not need to match the décor of the rest of the home and can be a completely different style if you want.

Some homeowners use their powder room as an extra area to display artwork or photographs. Others add special decorative lighting and wall scones to give the room a cozy feeling. A border of decorative, handmade tiles will add an unusual accent, or you can frame small individual tiles and hang them on brightly painted or wall papered walls. This is a room where homeowners can be adventurous in their choice of design and style. There are no limits on how creative you can get with the half bath. Don’t forget the other personal touches that are important for a powder room such as coat hooks and towel holders.

When you are ready to start your bathroom remodeling, home addition, kitchen remodeling or other updates, award-winning von Gillern Construction is ready to help. Serving the Dallas area, including Plano, Frisco, White Rock Lake, Preston Hollow, Addison, Park Cities, Lakewood and beyond, we are ready to help you update or redo your home. For more information, please visit the von Gillern Construction website or call them at 972-818-0411.

Sanded vs. Hand Scraped Wood Floors: A Home Remodeler Discusses

Written by Guest Blogger
January 31st, 2014
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In this whole house renovation, the owners wanted hand scraped wood floors. When the scraped floors are combined with the stone fireplace, a feeling of timelessness is presented

If you are considering any type of home remodeling, including bathroom or kitchen remodeling or a home addition, this is the perfect time to think about having your wooden floors redone. Refinishing floors is done to repair any damage, change the color of the floor, change the sheen and protect the investment of your home.  There are several different methods used in treating wooden floors, but the most common ones are sanding and scraping.

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Sanded hardwood floors in one of von Gillern’s home additions. The smooth finish and medium stain add warmth to this room.

Hand scraped floors, also referred to as distressed, give a home a warm, well-used, antique look. Particularly in older homes, distressing the floors is done to not only refinish the wood, but to have the floor reflect the age and character of the home.  A hand scraped floor has the added advantage of being able to hide any marks or minor damage in high traffic areas. This unique, natural look can be finished in a variety of ways to match the décor, creating a home that is welcoming.

Sanding wooden floors is a popular way to remove any damage or imperfections in order to have an even, smooth surface. The resulting very level, flat surface is perfect for any style of home. Finishes applied after sanding can be modified to match or contrast with the décor and style of the home. Sanding and refinishing a floor can create an entirely new look to your space.

If you are ready for bathroom remodeling, a home addition, kitchen remodeling or other updates, now is the time to think about sanding or scraping your hardwood floors. Award-winning von Gillern Construction, the premier Dallas area home remodeler, is dedicated to providing only the very best craftsmanship to your home remodeling and additions. Serving the Dallas area, including Plano, Frisco, White Rock Lake, Preston Hollow, Addison, Park Cities, Lakewood and beyond, we are ready to help you update or redo your home. For more information, give us a call at 972-818-0411, and please visit the von Gillern Construction website.

Tips for a French Country Bathroom from a Dallas Home Remodeler

Written by Guest Blogger
January 24th, 2014

home remodeler dallas (2)Bathroom remodeling is all about creating a relaxing, welcoming and luxurious personal space in your home.  French country bathrooms create a private retreat with a regal ambiance in your home that combines a rustic look, but with all the comforts you could possibly want. Based on the 17th century opulent country houses in the Provence region of France, modern French country bathrooms emphasize style and comfort.

With light and airy color schemes, French country bathrooms are typically done in neutral colors such as pastels or shades of white. Mosaics or tiles on the walls and floors, combined with vibrant accent pieces, provide splashes of colors that create a warm, cozy, inviting atmosphere.

In classic French country bathrooms, the bathtub is usually the main focal point. The tub is often a freestanding claw foot or pedestal bathtub, although a stone step in one is also common. The emphasis is on comfort with a large tub where you can stretch out, relax and soak your cares away.

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A clawfoot tub and colorful wall tiles make this French County Bathroom an inviting place to relax.


Antique or distressed furniture is an important part of the French country bathroom décor. Washbasins are often freestanding as well the towel racks. As an extra touch, many French country bathrooms also feature candelabras or small chandeliers that add a touch of opulence to the room.  There are many additional touches that you can add to personalize your bathroom, including framed photos, decorative metal tins, a basket filled with unusual soaps or bouquets of dried flowers.

Fabric is another key element in French country bathroom décor. Window treatments that pick up the colors of the accents, fabric shower curtains enclosing a claw footed tub, textured wall paper and small throw rugs all provide additional personalized touches as well as warmth to the room.

If you are thinking about bathroom remodeling, a home addition, kitchen remodeling or any interior or exterior updates, von Gillern Construction, as a home remodeler, is committed to providing only the highest quality craftsmanship. Award-winning von Gillern Construction serves the Dallas area, including Plano, Frisco, White Rock Lake, Preston Hollow, Addison, Park Cities, Lakewood and beyond. Please visit the von Gillern Construction website for more information or give them a call at 972-818-0411.