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Sprinkler System Damage: Advice from a Home Remodeler

Written by Guest Blogger
April 21st, 2014
Bubbler Heads

Jack of von Gillern Construction recommends the Bubbler Heads sprinkler system.

Now that winter has passed, across the Dallas area, homeowners are inspecting their homes and yards for any winter damage in preparation for spring and summer. One of the most serious problems that homeowners face is from their outdoor automatic sprinkler systems.

Improperly installed sprinkler heads can damage concrete, stucco and siding on your home. They can also damage outdoor structures like barbecues, outdoor kitchens, pool houses and sheds. You may have noticed homes that have greenish spots on the outside, which is a sign of water damage. Over time, water that continually hits the home can loosen brickwork, damage stucco, erode concrete and ruin paint.

Misdirected water from your sprinkler system can lead to serious problems later. The most common cause of misdirected water is poor installation of the sprinklers.

Wood damage caused by sprinklers.

Wood damage caused by sprinklers.

When a sprinkler blows directly onto the wood surface or windows of a home when turned on, the fix is often as easy as adjusting the sprinkler heads in another direction and adjusting the force of the flow. However, if the problem cannot be fixed this way, the head may have to be moved. Even if the sprinkler does not normally blow directly onto the house, you must take care to ensure that moisture does not blow onto the house, trim, windows and siding when there is a wind or a breeze, because this too can cause damage.

Many sprinkler systems, especially those in flowerbeds next to a home, were fine when first installed. But, over time the bushes grow and the sprinkler heads need to be adjusted so that water is not blown onto the house or windows by the growing plants.

This photo demonstrates how vegetation growth effects sprinklers and causes damage.

This photo demonstrates how vegetation growth effects sprinklers and causes damage.

For watering near your home, I recommend Bubbler Heads for drip irrigation. These are easily adapted sprinkler systems that ensure water is directed to exactly where you want it to go. These types of heads are also used for watering individual flowerpots. You must be careful about the length of watering times and drainage so that water does not pool in the yard or near the house.

Award-winning von Gillern Construction is ready to help with all your interior and exterior updates, including inspecting and adjusting your sprinkler systems. With years of experience serving the Dallas area (including Plano, Frisco, White Rock Lake, Addison, Park cities, Preston Hollow and Lakewood), von Gillern Construction is dedicated to providing the very best craftsmanship for all your home additions, room additions and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. For more information, visit the von Gillern Construction website for more information, or call them at 972.818.0411.

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