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Outdoor Showers: Tips from a Home Remodeling Expert

Written by Guest Blogger
April 15th, 2014

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In the Dallas area, an outdoor shower not only provides a convenient place to wash off after doing yard work or using the swimming pool, but it can also be an accent piece that is both functional and artistic.

There are two types of outdoor showers – stand-alone and wall mounted. Stand alone outdoor showers are installed away from the house and attach to flexible hosing. A wall mounted outdoor shower is stationary, usually attached to the home or in its own structure, and is attached to an outdoor plumbing supply. Wall mounted outdoor showers are the most popular styles in the Dallas area. An outdoor shower can be designed to blend into the style of the home or it can be a completely different look, making it a statement piece in the back yard. Using natural materials such as stone, bamboo and wood will create a shower that blends nicely into any yard. Shrubbery, flowers and trees can add privacy to showers as well as adding beauty to the yard or pool area.

Showerheads can be hand controlled or foot controlled. A hand controlled shower head is one that you turn on and off at the faucet, just like a normal showerhead in a bathroom. A foot pedal showerhead is one that you can turn on and off hands-free. These allow you to easily turn on the water with the foot pedal, which is particularly handy if you have soil on your hands from working in the yard. Foot pedals also help save water and avoid the transfer of bacteria between your hands and the fixtures. With both types of showerheads, there are numerous options available for water flow such as misting, rain shower, pulsating and massaging.

From simple, basic designs that blend into the existing architecture to elaborate structures that make an artistic statement, outdoor showers have drastically changed over the years. Gone are the rustic structures associated with campgrounds, surrounded by a sheet of plastic or tarps and offering only cold water. Today’s showers are associated with luxury as well as being practical. Textured tiles, stone work and mosaics can help create a luxury outdoor shower in your backyard pool area.

As with any plumbing, take care as freezing weather approaches by winterizing your outdoor shower. Be sure that it is plumbed so that it can be isolated from the plumbing in the house, and drained during periods of freezing temps.

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