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Hot Water Heaters: Tips from a Home Remodeler

Written by Guest Blogger
December 17th, 2013

home remodeler dallasWhat good is a beautiful bathtub, if there isn’t an unending supply of hot water?

When it comes to choosing which type of hot water heater you should install when having your home remodeled, there are several things to consider, but first you need to know what kinds of hot water heaters are available to fit your needs, and their pros and cons.

The most common hot water heater is a traditional 50 gallon tank. These hot water heaters usually hold about fifty gallons of water, which is heated to a constant regulated temperature. The cons to this type of hot water heater is that once that water is used up, it’ll take some time to get more hot water again. Most have us have probably experienced this sudden temperature shocker while in the shower, and it’s not very pleasant! This type of tank is not very efficient, takes up a good bit of room, and can leak, causing floods. On the up side, this type of heater can be used at any time for hot water, and they are the least expensive of the models.

A tank-less hot water heater is smaller than a tank water heater; in fact it is so small, it can be attached to a wall. It is more energy efficient than a tank water heater because it doesn’t constantly require gas to keep many gallons of water hot (it uses blasts of heat, and heats on demand when needed). You will never run out of hot water mid-shower with this unit. Another plus with a tank-less hot water heater is that there is no danger of flooding. The cons of the tank-less approach are that there are strict venting requirements, it’s more expensive than the tank water heater, and periodic flushing is required to wash away deposits that the water supply leaves behind.

The third, and by far the best option in hot water heaters for your home remodel, is the hybrid, which is a bit of a combination of both the tank and tank-less hot water heater. Although it is the most expensive option, it’s worth every penny. A small container holds hot water like the tank system, but is backed up by the “on-demand” system used by the tankless model. Water is hot immediately and is limitless. This water heater does not need to be flushed, like the tank-less variety does, and doesn’t require elaborate ventilation – it can be vented with pvc pipe. Furthermore, there is no reason to worry about your home flooding with the hybrid model.

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