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Finishing Touches for Your Home Remodeling: Stair Runners

Written by Guest Blogger
May 6th, 2014

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Image attribution: Mister Queue

In any home, staircases are an important feature. When remodeling your home, the addition of stair runners to a staircase can bring a touch of class to the home, compliment the décor and reflect the personality of the owners.

While uncovered wooden staircases can be visually pleasing, they can be noisy and they can also be easy for someone to slip on them.  Stair runners will help protect your stairs from wear and tear, provide some sound reduction and improve the safety of the stairs. This is especially important if you have children, or elderly family members.

In the Dallas area, there are two types of stair runners that are popular. The first is the Waterfall. Considered a classic look, in this style the carpet gently drapes over the steps. The second style of stair runner is the Upholstered or Hollywood look. In this type of stair runner, the carpet is tucked under and stapled to the lip of the stair, creating a runner that conforms to the shape of the stair.

In addition to the Waterfall and Upholstered styles of stair runners, some homeowners like the look of a stair rod. A stair rod was commonly used before the introduction of non-slip carpets and vacuum cleaners. The rod held the carpet in place and allowed home owners to easily remove the carpet for cleaning. Even though we no longer need stair rods to hold a runner in place, some folks prefer stair rods to add that final finishing touch to their homes.

Carpets can be designed to match the décor or to create a statement piece with the staircase as the centerpiece of your luxury custom home. Oriental style runners can add a touch of class to stairs, while a more minimalistic design can pull together a home that has a sleek, modern style. The options are only limited by your imagination.

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